Our company JUTTA, s.r.o. is a Czech based specialized family company that has been successfully operating in the field of professional massage products since 1997. The tradition of our massages products dates back to 1965. In 1997 we purchased secret recipes from TECHNIASPORT and we continue in that well-established tradition. Since then, we have been working on development to be able to meet the customers’ needs and lifestyles. Our company not only operates in the Czech and Slovak Republics, it has been successful abroad for many years. The share of the company’s export amounts to approx. 38% of its total sales. JUTTA, s.r.o. operates in more than 10 countries, including: Russia, Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Slovenia. The motto of our company is “Honesty and Creativity” along with the clear goal of building a healthy lifestyle.